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Goodbye my love handles(flanks) I can’t say enough that coolsculping really does work! here is my story, I’ve always been on the slender side, working out and doing my exercise but love handles aways been a problem for me. Finally i got rid of them, how? COOLSCULPTING! the procedure took about 35 min. It was non invasive, as I was talking with the friendly lady at the Dr Ciaravino’s med spa at the beautiful BellaRinova salon at the River Oaks(what a nice place) my fat was freezing away! Procedure was done in an hour. I was able to get back to work the same day. No down time:) LOVE it! Few days later got follow up call to see how was I doing. Couple weeks later start seeing better countour on my waist line!!! Never had a tiny waist and I’m glad I do now! no more embracing fat digging on my panties line! I’m happy, highly recommend try it out, its permanent ! My mother is getting her double chin treated this week, can’t wait to see her results!!

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It worked!!! I get so many compliments. I had the best results with Botox when Dr. Ciaravino did the injections…


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