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Obtain Chin Enhancement With Dermal Filler Injections, Not Surgery!

Beautiful brunette outdoorInstead of placing chin implants, many patients who have minor changes they want to make to the chin and jawline area may find that injectables are a more effective and less invasive solution! At Acqua Med Spa, we use cosmetic injectables not only for fine lines and wrinkles but to add volume and shape right where it is needed. This includes the chin, a problematic area for both men and women.

Chin enhancement with cosmetic injectables is a quick and easy treatment with little to no downtime. Results can last for several months before needing touch-ups, making it a low-maintenance option for chin augmentation.

What happens during a chin augmentation treatment with injectables?

Patients who contact Acqua Med Spa to learn more about chin augmentation with cosmetic injectables will find out about the many benefits it provides. First, patients schedule a time to consult with our professionals to determine if they are a proper candidate for chin augmentation. Once patients have decided to move forward with these injectables, an appointment is made for the treatment to be performed. The area is numbed with a topical numbing agent before injections of dermal fillers are made right where they are needed. Our skilled professionals can place injections right where they create the best impact. The provider may also massage the filler into the chin and jaw area to ensure proper distribution and natural results.

When do I need reinjection?

As the body starts to absorb the dermal filler, the results of the chin augmentation will gradually return to the normal appearance. To maintain results as long as possible, patients may want to consider visiting the practice every few months for touch-up injections with our team.

Schedule an appointment at our Webster, TX, area practice today!

If you are interested in learning more about how injectables can enhance your chin, schedule a consultation with our team at Acqua Med Spa! We would love to discuss all of your options and help you achieve the look you desire while reducing the need for invasive plastic surgeries. Call 281-606-2331 to request a visit to our facility, which is conveniently open for both new and returning patients.

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