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IV therapy is the infusion of fluids — along with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals — into the bloodstream through a minimally-invasive procedure. The fluid is absorbed immediately on a cellular level and provides fast relief from many ailments.

Risks and Complications

Due to the variation of ingredients used, a thorough medical history will be reviewed before treatment.

Patients are encouraged to consume a meal one to three hours before IV hydration treatment to avoid a possible decrease in blood sugar.

ACQUA Infusions

We provide a range of special formulations to help you address problems related to dehydration and chronic illness, or deliver the boost of essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to help you look your best and improve physical function. ACQUA Infusions can be used for:

  • Beauty
  • Athletic Performance
  • Anxiety or Migraines
  • Hangover Relief
  • Overall Hydration
  • Myer’s Cocktail for Pain Management and Fibromyalgia

The service and staff are amazing! I came in for dysport and was a bit nervous but they made me feel very comfortable and at ease.


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