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SkinCeuticals CryoCorrect Precision Treatment

Smoother, healthier, more even skin is just a treatment away! We’re proud to provide SkinCeutical’s CryoCorrect Precision Treatment, a non-invasive in-office procedure that is able to effectively treat age spots, sunspots, and skin tags on the body, face, and hands. The best part? This mild treatment isn’t just more comfortable than other forms of cyrosurgery, it also won’t damage surrounding healthy tissue, boasts the fastest healing time, and is very unlikely to result in scarring. If you’ve tried chemical peels, lasers, and microdermabrasion for your spots to no avail, CryoCorrect may be the treatment for you.

What is CryoCorrect Treatment?

The SkinCeuticals CryoCorrect Treatment is a non-invasive treatment that uses a precise flow of carbon dioxide (CO2) to gently freeze away unwanted spots and skin tags on the face, hands and body. Additionally, incorporating an integrated skin care regimen consisting of Phloretin CF® serum following a CryoCorrect Treatment has been proven to complement the post-treatment recovery process.

How Does the CryoCorrect Treatment Work?

An ultra-precise burst of liquid carbon dioxide freezes the water in the discolored skin cells. The affected cells naturally destruct, and are absorbed by the body over the two to four weeks following treatment, making the discolored spots disappear.

Rather than traditional cryogens like liquid nitrogen, the CryoCorrect Treatment uses liquid carbon dioxide, which results in a softer and shallower freeze. Surrounding tissue is not compromised and there is a reduced risk of pigmentary changes, making it suitable to treat spots on highly visible areas like the face.

How long does the CryoCorrect Treatment take?

Each CryoCorrect in office treatment lasts between five and eight seconds with a total procedure time of only a few minutes.

What To Expect

During a CryoCorrect Treatment, the spot or skin tag is quickly frozen, and the skin will turn a dark color. This dark color may last between three and five days before a scab forms. The scab will slough off between two and three weeks, and normal healthy skin will appear. In some cases, the healing process can vary between four and 12 weeks.

During and After Your Treatment

Depending on the size of the area to be treated, the procedure can take just a minute, and results can be seen in as little as a single treatment.

The procedure itself can result in a slight feeling of coolness or stinging, but should be a quick and painless one. Some patients report a little itchiness and redness around the treated spot, but this will resolve on its own fairly quickly.

We will provide you with detailed instructions on caring for the treated site, but the most important thing to note is to keep the area out of the sun, and not scratch at any scabs that may form.

Don’t hold off on treating any spots you may be bothered by! Experience CryoCorrect at ACQUA Medspa today and unveil healthier skin.

When will I see results?

New healthy skin typically appears two to three weeks after treatment. In some cases, the healing process varies between four and 12 weeks.

How much does it cost?

Pricing will vary from patient to patient depending on their individual needs. Schedule an in-person consultation to have your complete skin analysis and receive and cost estimate.

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