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Chronic Skin Diseases caused by bras

Female with irritated or painful skin under brassiere.Last year, with the beginning of the pandemic, many women shifted from working in the office to working from home. At the same time, they began to let their breasts free from bras! This can be a good thing, especially considering bras are the cause of many different skin conditions. The providers at Acqua Med Spa want to take the time to educate Webster, TX women about the many skin problems that can arise from wearing a bra!

  • Fungal rash. Some women who regularly wear bras may notice that they are having discoloration of the skin, slight itching, and scaling areas around the shoulder straps. This may be a sign of a fungal infection that has developed. It can often be addressed with anti-fungal cream. However, other causes may be viable, including a contact allergy to rubber sometimes used on bra straps. If a rash does not go away with antifungal medications, it might be a different issue that should be assessed by a professional.
  • Irritation and allergies from underwire. Many bras that are intended to lift and support the breasts have metal underwires inside of them. Over time, these metal wires may pop out from one or both sides of the bra. A popped underwire can be an eyesore, but it can also cause cuts to the skin and also result in a rash if an individual has a nickel allergy.
  • Heat rash. Women are often aware of “boob sweat,” which can cause a painful rash or yeast infection underneath the breasts within the folds. During the hotter months, pay close attention to this area to avoid bacteria and moisture from dwelling here.
  • Acne from sports bra friction. That sports bra that you wear to support your breasts during workouts can cause friction and rubbing that may contribute to the development of acne. Once your workout is done, remove your bra and take a shower, paying close attention to the breast area when using body wash.

Is your bra working against you?

If you are experiencing significant changes in your skin from wearing a bra, it might be time to speak to a professional about treatment and prevention. Call Acqua Med Spa of Webster, TX to discuss the benefits of working with a medical professional to clear the skin and avoid rashes and irritation caused by underwear. Call (281) 606-2331 to request an appointment at 18201 Gulf Freeway. We welcome new and returning patients into our cosmetic day spa facility.

The service and staff are amazing! I came in for dysport and was a bit nervous but they made me feel very comfortable and at ease.


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