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How does Dysport® work to reverse the signs of aging?

Webster, TX area men and women who are noticing the signs of aging on their skin may start to wonder what they can do to see positive changes. If you are interested in restoring your youth, you might think plastic surgeries are the only way to see noticeable results. Fortunately, thanks to continued advances inRead More

Common questions about nonsurgical rhinoplasty

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty is a procedure that is used to change the appearance of the nose without surgery. This type of rhinoplasty can be done using injectable fillers known as “dermal fillers.” These are cosmetic injectables that are formulated with hyaluronic acid to add volume directly where it is needed. When performed under a skilled professionalRead More

The benefits of using chemical peels for skin enhancement

Patients who want significant improvement in texture and tone of their skin may feel as though over-the-counter skincare products are their only solution. However, the team at Acqua Med Spa in Webster, TX work with patients and can help them choose treatments designed to improve their skin’s appearance. This includes the highly desirable chemical peel.Read More

Learn more about QWO Cellulite injections

At Acqua Med Spa of Webster, TX, our providers work with women regularly who come into the practice seeking solutions for the skin and body. One common complaint is that of cellulite. Cellulite is the dimpling skin that is often seen on the thighs and buttocks. Regardless of a patient’s weight, age, and health, celluliteRead More

Chronic Skin Diseases caused by bras

Last year, with the beginning of the pandemic, many women shifted from working in the office to working from home. At the same time, they began to let their breasts free from bras! This can be a good thing, especially considering bras are the cause of many different skin conditions. The providers at Acqua MedRead More

Why buy products from doctors instead of stores

If you’ve ever found yourself wandering down the skincare product aisle in your lock drugstore, you know that there is a lot to choose from. Many of these products boast certain ingredients and the ability to clear your skin, but are also a lot cheaper than anything that might be recommended by your dermatologist. Webster,Read More

Skin Lab – what to eat to get collagen back

Many patients know that the way they eat and prepare their daily diet impacts their overall health and wellness. Eating right can also help patients in maintaining a proper weight and addressing common conditions such as diabetes. But did you know that your diet can also impact your skin and youthful appearance? There are certainRead More

Where can I get garments for post-surgery healing?

After surgical procedures at Acqua Med Spa, patients are strongly encouraged to follow their post-operative care instructions from their provider. This may include obtaining and wearing compression garments in the treated area. Many patients have question about why they need to wear these garments and how to obtain them.  Why do I need to wearRead More

The service and staff are amazing! I came in for dysport and was a bit nervous but they made me feel very comfortable and at ease.


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